Attack Sense Airsoft Shooting Range

What is Attack Sense?

Attack Sense is a fully responsive reaction based shooting game. Players compete against each other to hit as many targets as possible within a set time limit. Your next target to shoot will light up, be quick though as once the light is off you’ve missed your chance.

What weapons do you use?

Attack Sense is designed for Airsoft (BB Guns) You will have the choice to use either a pistol or Assault Rifle based on the game mode / challenge set.


8+ Years

30 Minute experience = £25 per person

(Includes training session and timed sessions, Max 1000BBs per person)

Additional BBs = £4 each

Session duration

2 – 4 people: 30 minutes

5 – 8 people: 50 minutes

9 – 12 people: 1hr 10 minutes