Ancaster Paintball - Paintballing in Lincolnshire

Our site is rapidly and continuously developing to ensure
your battlefield experience is the best of the best. The terrain is highly unique with undulating woodlands,
purpose built game field structure and 8 different fields.


Minimum age: (12 years)

Pay as you play (Entry Only) = £10.00 per person

500 paintball package = £40.00 per person

Additional 100 paintballs = £8.00 each

Additional 500 paintballs = £35.00 each

Pyrotechnics available (18+ years):
Smoke Grenade = £5.00 each

Thunderflash = £3.50 each


Days operated: Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat

Morning: 09:00 – 12:00

Afternoon: 13:00 – 16:00

We require minimum of 6 participants to run the session


£28 per person

12+ years
Days operated: Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat
Group Size: 6+

1 Free place with 10 or more players

Party Option Includes:

2 hour session

300 paintballs

Paintball Mask


Party Table

Pizza, chips & drinks

Paintballing missions that put you on the front line

Camouflage gear on. Paintball marker fully loaded. Mission assigned and team talk done. You’re ready for combat and all that’s left is to enter the battlefield. As you go to war on purpose-built paintballing battlegrounds, the pace quickens fast. Do you have the grit, agility, and accuracy to stay in the game?

Your experience starts with getting your gear – camo, ammo, paintball marker, and goggles. Whether you’re new to paintballing or have plenty of paintball war stories, we’ll give you tips and tactics to help your team fight their way to victory.

Then it’s time to put your brains and brawn into action as you take out your mates and put a target on your colleagues. Your mission: To eliminate the opposition!


This is a fast passed, close quarters battle (CQB). You will work in teams with the objective of manoeuvring through the field to eliminate the opposing team. Multiple solid objects are your defence and with a flat, solid one level surface for you to run on this is where speed, accuracy and agility are a winning combination.


Commence attack to win possession of this two tier bridge. Hold back the opposing team to gain control of the structure. However, don’t under estimate the enemy finding their way around to trap you in an ambush. A great tactical takeover possible here!


Specific hostage rescue scenario where your team’s objective is to form a rescue party and retrieve the hostage that is being held captive within the walls of the embassy!


The solid walls of this fort along with its surrounding territory make this attack and defend scenario second to none. This game field will see teams playing against the clock to capture and raise the flag within the footprint of the building. Grit and determination will win this game!

Centre Flag

This traditional format game has all the ingredients needed– shoot to kill and one main objective – raise the flag! Set your sights on being the first team to get to the rope and raise the flag fully whilst eliminating as many of the opposition as possible!

Kill House

The is a close quarter battle (CQB) that sees one full team starting inside the kill house and the other team outside. The objective for the external team is to strategically clear the building from enemy hostiles! The structure has multiple rooms this game will push your teamwork and stealth abilities to the limit!


The enemy team have ambushed and obtained a crate of cargo from your shipment. Your objective is to retrieve and secure the cargo from their compound before the extraction time! Get going, get in, get out! Job done!


Here there is a Howitzer weapon as a focus point! Find the weapon and steel the ammunition. Eliminate as many of the opposing team on route to safely steal the ammunition for the weapon and get it back to base!

Paintball battlegrounds where only the bravest survive

Set in 40 acres of challenging woodland, you’ll test your nerve over eight paintball playing fields packed with bunkers, forts, bridges, and barricades. Battle it out in a fort built for warfare or a hostage situation at the embassy. Avoid an ambush and outsmart the enemy to take control of the two-tier bridge or show the opposition how it’s done at the kill house with a shootout.

In these parallel worlds you need all your smarts, plenty of speed and stealth to survive. Put your physical fitness through its paces in close-quarter battles, test your tactical thinking to stage a takeover or pull together as a team to attack, defend, and gain control to cross enemy lines.

Fortune favours the brave – have you got what it takes to come out victorious?

Our paintball battlefields are run with safety in mind as well as fun. A safety briefing sets the scene and friendly, professional marshals make sure everyone stays safe and enjoys their experience.

We welcome stag/hen groups, parties, smaller groups, and solo players. We’re your perfect partner for corporate events too and pride ourselves on our professionalism, gold standard service and safety record.

Find us near Ancaster in Lincolnshire where we’re easily accessible from Lincoln, Grantham, Boston, Sleaford, Newark, Nottingham, Leicester, Peterborough, Cambridge, and Northampton.


Not sure what to expect? Don’t worry. We provide everything you need to enjoy a great day of Paintball.





A fantastic day had here today go karting and paintballing. The staff were spot on and the venue is very well kept. Would recommend to anyone. Definitely returning in the future

The people are lovely, the karts are good fun, using the full track is great, food on site and they digitally track the laps of each kart and give you a print out at the end for bragging rights with your mates haha
Highly recommend! Will be going again!

Great service, I was very satisfied when I came karting. Marshals were very focused and very active and the receptionists were organised and on top of all the other sessions and events. I would recommend Ancaster Leisure to my friends and colleagues.


The minimum age for paintballing is 12 years.

No we provide all safety equipment that will be needed.

We need a minimum of 10 people to run a session however if there are other groups in then you will combine with them, we can cater for up to 150 people in one day.

Yes we join all our groups together.

Depending on where you are hit it can be painful and cause bruises but it’s the fear of getting shot that keeps the adrenaline pumping!

Yes fancy dress can be worn.

No body armour is provided, you can wear you own or wear loads of layers but you are likely to overheat.

We run in all weather conditions, it is recommended that you bring a spare change of clothes for after your session if needed.

Yes we do require a £20.00 non-refundable deposit per person on booking.

You will lose £20.00 per person for whoever doesn’t turn up.( we suggest you get the deposits from all participants before the booking date)

We are able to move the date of your booking once with a minimum of one weeks notice, anything under one week cannot be moved.

If we need to cancel a booking due to severe Weather conditions then we will contact you at least 3 hours before your booking.